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End of year round-up 2010
31 December 2010

 December 2010 Update

If no news is good news then the Allotment Site has been spared development for another year.
Guildford Allotment Society are in touch with GBC's Council Leader, Cllr Tony Rooth but nothing of value has come of it so far. But at least there is some dialogue.
GBC Planners replied to WBDRA that the Local Plan 2003 still applies. That's the very plan which when published caused uproar in the 
local community as it contains a policy statement about housing development on the Aldershot Road site. So after 7 years, consultations, petitions, Central Gov't plans and a lot of unfavourable press for GBC - not a lot has changed.
Our Campaign Update page contains the latest correspondence details.
Both our Editor & Chairman have been necessarily pre-occupied with the trials & tribulations of work & family life in 2010 and sadly have 
had little time for some of the more detailed of our Campaigning activities. 
But over the Christmas holiday they have tied up some loose ends and have also updated the WBDRA website.
Our much visited library has also been updated. One key article relevant to our campaign is the Redbridge Allotment Victory - a truly inspiring tale of dedicated Allotmenteers battling their local Council and winning!
Also a cracking cartoon from the Oldie magazine called "Allotment Bore" and a short but snappy Metro article about keeping pests at bay.
We'll try to keep everything updated more often in 2011.
So here's hoping for some results in the very near future and we thank you for your interest and support.
Happy New Year to you all.
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