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Newsletter Dec 2020


Sorry not have been in touch sooner but things have been a bit involved on the personal front, overwritten by Covid-19 & work issues.

I hope all in receipt of this e-mail have kept safe and well during the Pandemic.

So herewith highlights of where we are with items of concern to WBDRA.


Plans for a long overdue AGM still on hold due to Covid-19 restrictions so officers and committee members remain as such until we do get the chance to meet.


For those of us who live in the Broadacres area, the regular dice with death as oncoming traffic along Broadacres turning into Wood Rise in front of us without looking left or indicating may soon be over.

With the help of Cllr Keith Witham, we have persuaded Surrey County Council to repaint the worn-out roadmarkings – this is scheduled for action by SCC in the next few weeks.


We didn’t think we’d need to be very active on this as the Planning Application for additional plots and site improvements was approved by GBC Planning Committee many months ago. Which meant the threat of Housing on site was gone –at last!

It would be good to see the site back to full allotment use once more – and there’s a long waiting list for plots still.

And for allotment tenants especially, we were looking forward to the replacement of the broken down security fence bordering the wooded area – for which funding was approved nigh on 5 years ago.

Then came the Weyside Urban Village (WUV formerly SARP) project with plans for 1500 homes, 200 of which were to be built on the old Bellfields Allotment site. GBC offered an alternative modern allotment site at North Moors and extra plots at Aldershot Road. 76% of those consulted were in favour of GBCs proposals.

Then Guildford Allotment Society (GAS) decided they’d support the Save the Bellfields Allotments handful of complainers and wrote to the Secretary of State and lo and behold, GBC’s plans for 200 homes were scuppered.

Even though our replacement fence has nothing to do with WUV, the work on it seems to have come to a halt because of differences between GAS & GBC.

So we just carry on trying to progress this as best we can  


WBDRA still holds the brief for Neighbourhood Watch for a section of Broadacres, although due to other commitments, I have not been able to do much “watching” recently. If anyone would like to take on the role of Neighbourhood Watch Co-ordinator and make something more of it, please let me know

DVLA have been active this year around the area and have been clamping untaxed vehicles. And in the last few days, there’s another DVLA clamped vehicle this time on the car park at the corner of Oakfields and Broadacres.

We had involvement with the police regarding suspicious vehicles used in Number Plate fraud activities which arrived in the Oakfields/Broadacres garage block area in the small hours of the morning a few months ago. Police were on the scene quickly each time – thankfully no reoccurrences (as yet)

Finally, please look out for unmarked white vans slowly cruising around. These aren’t the newish vans used by couriers but usually older ones with 2 male occupants who are sussing out houses for future burglaries etc. These vans have been seen a few times this year round the area – if you see one, note its number plate and call the Police.


I take this opportunity of wishing you and yours Merry Christmas and a healthy happy New Year

Best wishes

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