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WBDRA sought clarification from Worpledson Parish Council (WPC) in October to see what the latest position was following rumours about land to the rear of Wood St Village.

WPC were pleased to confirm that the land in Wood St was not available for Allotment use and their attentions had since switched to Allotment provision in Jacobs Well.

That being so, WBDRA is more than happy to wish them well in this pursuit. 



Unsurprisingly no change to report since our 2010 update below.

However, we are pleased to note that all three Worplesdon Borough Councillors elected in May 2011 are fully behind our campaign for the Aldershot Road site. We are grateful for their support.


End of year update 2010

Over the summer WBDRA folk and officers of the Allotment Self Help Group (WASHA) attended several functions in the area.

It was very clear from events like the Wood St Village Show, that many Worplesdon residents wanted an allotment and wanted one close to where they lived.

Some had been on a waiting list for some years, others just appalled by the lack of provision and others by  the lack of progress re the local Site Allocations Consultation.

These were local people living on Broad St, Broadacres, Pound Hill, Oak Hill, New Cross lane etc - all very local to the Aldershot Road site.

All without exception agreed that as there were 39 uncultivated plots on the Aldershot Road, it was appalling that GBC (our Council) could not open these up again. 

And that's the essence of the WBDRA case.

Let's get Aldershot Road off the Housing agenda, open up those uncultivated plots - then we're happy to lend support to other areas in the Parish.


June 2010

If you live in Worplesdon Parish you will have seen that the local Lib Dems are making an issue of Allotment Provision in Worplesdon.

This is not something which WBDRA is promoting or supporting as our main concern remains the restoration of the Aldershot Road site to full allotment use.

A good number of Worplesdon residents are tenants on the Aldershot Road site already and the restoration of the site would provide up to 40 plots for residents of Worplesdon & neighbouring Westborough area.

Our official position is this: once the Aldershot Road site issue has been resolved, we may well turn our attentions to other locations. 

Please contact our Chairman if any clarification is needed. 

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