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Summer Newsletter
27 July 2008
Dear All

 A little bit later than planned but here is an update on some of the things WBDRA have been involved with plus a contribution from Neighbourhood Watch.


Regular correspondents & Surrey Ad readers will know WBDRA strongly opposed the Mobile Phone Mast Planning Application. 10 days later we read in one of the weekend papers that there is a strong likelihood of a link between Phone Mast proximity & the tragic spate of teenage suicides in South Wales. The authors (Dr Roger Coghill) figured out that all the teenagers lived closer than normal to a mobile phone mast - some 300 metres.

The Park Barn Drive mast will be right outside someones' house (No 165) and only, 8 (EIGHT) metres away from the front door - apparently  8 metres distance meets with Safety standards - would you believe!!!  AND this mast will be far more powerful in terms of radiation emissions than anything in South Wales.

We have brought Dr Coghill's research findings to the attention of our politicians and those responsible for Community Safety @ GBC but suspect that nothing will prevent the mast from  going ahead. WBDRA sincerely hopes we don't have to say told you so to the Planners in a few years time.

The newspaper article is reprinted in our Library section of our website - not cheerful reading.


 Another application approved which our Council Planning Committee couldn't find reasons to reject. On the day before the Planning Committee meeting, only 1 member of the public (from over 34 objectors) had asked to speak. What happened to all the rest including the town's big hitters (eg Guildford Society etc)?

 WBDRA decided that someone ought to go along & protest at the meeting but Rail Stations & town centre planning matters are not something we're strong on. Still, the 83-year old Mrs Kirk spoke up bravely for all our Senior Citizens & WBDRA had a go on behalf of commuters. You all know the result now & the Station situation will only get worse - less ticket windows, more unreliable machines etc. 


 Everyone is waiting for GBC to publish the results of the Site Allocation Consultation which so many of you contributed to. We hear from our Councillors it may be December 2008 before results are known. So whilst the Local Plan 2003 document still exists containing the policy for building on the site, the threat of Housing remains.


 Everyone on our circulation list is aware of the Council proposal for moving the Allotment Security fence. The plan is ridiculously expensive, unnecessary, visually unattractive & not wanted.

 Come on GBC, save our hard earned Council Tax, drop this ill-conceived plan, sit down and talk to locals about what they want.

 WBDRA now has a dedicated Fence Campaign section on our website, please take a look -contributions & opinions welcome.


WBDRA needs some assistance - can you help? No hard work involved, just reading through & trying to understand Planning Policies (Guildford & national ones) and seeing how these apply to the various Planning Applications which WBDRA takes an active interest in.

 It can all be done by e-mail & Internet but just needs a couple of hours occasionally. We just want other people's opinions of how these Policies may/may not be applied. None of us are experts - we are all average folk trying to make sense of it all. If you could help, e-mail us & we'll be in touch. 


 WBDRA had a stand again and attracted quite a few visitors including some of our local elected representatives who were unaware of the threat of Housing on the Allotment Site - they know now!!

 The show itself had the most visitors for many a year, so should be financially viable to run again next year.

 Congratulations to Bev Mussell & Noreen Moynihan on winning numerous prizes for their produce entered in the Horticultural Society competitions. Noreen came away with the much coveted British Legion shield.


Holiday Crime Prevention - Topical Tips

Peak Holiday Time approaches & burglars rub their hands in anticipation - here are some seasonal snippets: 

 Make sure you don't come back to find you've had unwelcome visitors - let a friend/neighbour/local family member know you're going away & ask them to keep an eye on your property.

 Even though it may be hot while you're away - DON'T leave any windows open (You'd be surprised at how many people do).

 Make sure your shed & garage are securely locked.

 Move anything of value - laptops, DVD players etc away from the windows.

 If you leave a car on your driveway, make sure it's locked and alarmed AND if you live on a slope, chock the wheels.

 Watch out for strangers of all ages. And if you see a group of any age where they don't belong or causing a disturbance - DON'T INTERVENE YOURSELF - phone Surrey Police IMMEDIATELY.

 If you are holidaying abroad, check out the Foreign & Commonwealth Office website for their advice about your destination. The website is easy to use:
Their advice on where to go/not to go and how not to attract unwelcome attention is usually spot-on - and far more down-to-earth & practical than the average Travel Company advice. The website is easy to use: - go to the Travel Destination by Country pages.    


 All the best


David Bird
Westborough, Broadacres & District Residents Association
tel: 0799 994 4601 (daytime only) 0781 219 3101 (evgs)

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