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Save Our Open Spaces is the website of WBDRA – the Westborough, Broadacres & District Residents Association. We are based in Guildford, Surrey.
We campaign to preserve what’s left of our Greenfield areas & Open Spaces. Our area is already suffering from the effects of over-development and we say “enough is enough”.
One of our main aims is to preserve the Aldershot Road Allotment Site in Guildford and to campaign against Guildford Borough Council’s plans for Housing Development on the site – see our Allotment Campaign & News sections for details.
We also oppose Planning Applications in the area that threaten a neighbourhoods sense of Open-ness and/or the local environment. Usually these are Garden-Grabbing & Infill developments which, if unchecked or unopposed, will turn our part of Guildford into a concrete jungle.
It’s all voluntary too.
Our Home Patch is the Broad Street & Broadacres part of Worplesdon, and in Westborough Ward it is the roads immediately adjacent to the Aldershot Road Allotment Site Road and the area along the Aldershot Road from Rydes Hill up to Deer Barn Road. However, we are committed to fighting Infill & Garden Grabbing and will oppose such applications anywhere in the Borough.
We are NOT affiliated to any political party and WBDRA is an apolitical association. We have members of all political persuasions and embrace cultural, ethnic & religious diversity. 
We are definitely NOT against Housing. Like most parts of the South-East, the Guildford area is very short of decent quality and affordable family accommodation.
What we continue to say to our Council and Politicians is that there are acres of Brownfield land in the Borough – why not build the affordable Houses there? 
There are several things you can do:
Become a Supporter and join our Mailing List – we will need your e-mail address & contact details. We guarantee data & identity security – all Mail outs are BCCs.
Become a Member – we now call for voluntary donations at meetings as opposed to a set subscription but you must live in the Guildford area.
Become a Helper – groups like ours always need help. We would be delighted to hear from people with previous Campaigning experience as well as anyone who would like to get involved with activities like leaflet delivery and helping with Planning Application issues. We’re always delighted to hear from other like-minded local groups and wildlife/conservation groups.


By e-mail please and we will get back to you asap. The address is:


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